Meet Our Talent – Monika, our Support Engineer


Tell us about yourself!

I am 27 years old and have been working at Net Insight for 3 years now. I have always had a desire to help others and support them when they face some problem or get stuck.

My career in the broadcasting media industry started in my early 20s when I was working at a telecommunication company in Croatia as a Support technician for two years. At the same time, I was studying at the University of Zagreb, and I graduated with a master in GIS (Geographic Information System). My professional focus is now constantly growing and learning about media broadcasting, to provide our customers with efficient and reliable support for a great experience.

I have a passion for geography, so I like traveling and spending cherished moments in nature. I can happily call it a lifestyle, and with my job at Net Insight I have the right work-life balance for it, which I truly appreciate.

How did you learn of Net Insight and take interest in your position?

After I moved to Sweden and adapted to its society, I decided to take a step up in my career and found Net Insight’s advertisement for an RMA technician. I saw this as a great opportunity to build up my career and to expand my knowledge about the media broadcasting branch. In the first few months I worked as an RMA technician, which meant that I was verifying hardware faults on Net Insight units, and this helped me to quickly get familiar with our products. Soon I got promoted to Support Engineer – which is now my permanent position. Working as a Support Engineer requires accountability and a troubleshooting mindset, deep familiarity with all our products and solutions, as well as good communication skills.

How is working at Net Insight?

Working at Net Insight is very dynamic. With constant new development and improvement of products come new solutions, and we in the Support team are constantly learning new things, adapting, troubleshooting, and spreading the knowledge to our customers.

I am lucky to work with a team that has a good attitude and team spirit. We are always supporting each other and sharing ideas in order to solve problems to the satisfaction of both us and our customers. Besides my team, I work closely with colleagues from the R&D team and the Supply department, who always prove helpful.

As a Support Engineer, what challenges are you looking forward to solving in the future?

My position always brings new things to learn and new issues to solve. Recently, with the Aperi product portfolio becoming part of the Net Insight family, and the new Nimbra Edge cloud solution appearing on the market, I will need to focus on building a deep understanding of these products, but also follow improvements on our other platforms, the Nimbra MSR, Nimbra 400, and Nimbra Vision.

Finally, I can say that when working at Net Insight, because of constant development and self-development – every next step is a higher mountain to climb, but the views are great!