Meet our talents – Katarina


Tell us about yourself!

I am 44 years old, married and mother of three children. I have been working as Head of People at Net Insight since August 2019. I have a business degree and started my career as a management consultant before I found my way to my current passion: HR. I have now worked within HR for 12 years, of which 11 within the insurance company If P&C. When I am not working, I try to keep up with my children and all their activities. Exercising is important for me – it enables me to cope with stress and I love running, with a good audio book as only company. Just after I turned 40 I accomplished my first marathon, but since then I have not followed it up with any more long competitions – it was clearly a 40 years’ crisis! I also really enjoy cooking and baking, preferably following recipes that are new for me and with friends tasting my dishes.

How did you learn of Net Insight and take an interest in your position?

I learned about the company through the job ad for the Head of People position and the more I read and learned about the company, the more intrigued I got. The solutions and products we develop and offer are modern, innovative and high tech, and Net Insight is really at the forefront of the media industry in areas such as cloud-based transport, Business Intelligence and live streaming. Moreover, Net Insight is a modern company with a sound strategic agenda and a clear customer focus. I was also attracted to Net Insight because it is a medium sized company – small enough to recognize everyone in the office but big enough for some economies of scale and structure. Throughout the recruitment process I really felt that Net Insight is a company full of intelligent, driven, hardworking, nice people that are proud of what they deliver every day; and such an environment is exactly what I was looking for!

How is working at Net Insight?

During my first months here at Net Insight I have realized that we offer a workplace where our employees thrive. They are surrounded with highly skilled colleagues and get to work with advanced technology in an exciting industry that is fast and constantly evolving. At the same time people feel at home because the atmosphere is friendly and helpful. Many of our employees stay with us for many years. When walking around our new and modern headquarters in Solna Business Park in Sweden you can see people collaborating around Kanban boards or in spontaneous meetings. The energy is flowing!

As the Head of People, what challenges are you looking forward to solving in the future?

As a media tech company our main challenge is the same as for most other companies in this industry – attracting and finding the right candidates for us. We are growing and will be looking for talents continuously, both young professionals and more experienced. We will thus be working with our offering and how we present it. And there are many interesting projects to focus on – one example is that we have started a project to become more agile in the way we listen to our employees and act upon how they think and feel. We will exchange our traditional employee survey for a modern survey of pulse model, where we will enable both employees and teams, as well as management and executives, to get almost instant access to results and trends, and we will expect a shared responsibility for creating a good working environment where everyone will thrive. That is going to benefit us as a company as well as our customers. I am really looking forward to helping Net Insight realize our strategic goals through the people-related processes. It is our fantastic employees that make up the company!