Meet our talents – Arielle, our new Senior Product Marketing Manager


Tell us about yourself!

I have been working for more than 20 years in marketing in a variety of sectors – video games, security, IoT, and now in media tech. In a sense, Net insight is the natural development of all my former experiences coming together in one ecosystem. I am now heading Product Marketing for our professional media transport solutions, and together with a team of four other Product Managers we are developing the next-generation Nimbra products for the media tech industry.

I’m originally from France, I moved to Sweden 9 years ago (and I am still in the process of figuring out how to survive the winters… Let me know if you have found the way!). I’m very passionate about technology, especially about its implications in our daily lives. I think it is fascinating to see how tech affects our culture and the ways we organize ourselves socially and politically.

How did you learn of Net Insight and take an interest in your position? 

I found the job ad through LinkedIn, and I got a really good impression of the recruitment process, especially because of the people I met while going through it. I realized that this is a company where people matter – Net Insight is not small, but it is agile and flexible enough for people to be able to contribute and influence the business. Everyone can make an impact. My colleagues are passionate about what they do, they always go the extra mile, and this gives you the energy and the drive to do the same. They challenge you and you always learn from each other. It really is a company of passion; the energy levels are sky-high. One more reason I took interest in this position was actually my manager’s profile – I believe soft skills and a challenging approach are vital in a leadership position.

How is working at Net Insight?

Having started out as a rookie three months ago, I can surely say I enjoy the environment. Net Insight has a key role behind the scenes in delivering something that all of us use daily – content. Whether you are a binge specialist, a sports fan or an opera enthusiast, we are providing the technology that allows you to share your media experience. We are building what we call “media highways” to make great experiences happen and to bring people together.

As I mentioned above, passion has a strong place and is encouraged at Net Insight. Being surrounded by driven people that put all their talent into what they do is really inspiring and drives you to always give your best. It is also a place where you can try, fail, and succeed in a world driven by cost efficiency, all while feeling included, welcome and advised. This is precious.

As a Senior Product Marketing Manager, what challenges are you looking forward to solving in the future?

Our industry, the media industry, is going through a shift. Cost is a key driver to produce more with less resources and reach a wider audience. Our challenges are to create compelling and innovative solutions to support our customers in their transformation, just as we did recently with our Remote Production solutions for Swedish Television and Beijing Momenta Media. Greatly transformative times are ahead of us, and we are looking forward to being at the very front of this change.