Meet our talents – Andrew, our Aperi Systems Engineer


Tell us about yourself!

I am 32 years old and have been working with Net Insight as a Systems Engineer for 3 months following the acquisition of Aperi, where I had been working in a similar role for over 6 years. I have always been interested in IP networks and technology. I started my career at Roke Telkom, an Internet and VoIP services provider in Uganda, as a Network Operations Engineer, where I gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for IP transport before moving to the United States to attend graduate school.

I was first introduced to media transport over IP at Nevion, during an internship program halfway through the course of my graduate studies. Upon graduation, I joined Aperi, where I had the unique opportunity to work with a great team of engineers to characterize, design, test and qualify products that are currently deployed worldwide by a number of customers for media transport. My main role prior to Net Insight’s acquisition of Aperi was to provide product training as well as tier-3 technical support to all Aperi customers.

How did you learn of Net Insight and take an interest in your position?

Over the past few years, I have worked with a number of customers that have Net Insight products in their deployments, but I first learned of Net Insight’s product portfolio through a presentation by the Net Insight management team, who visited Aperi prior to the acquisition. It was clear to me, based on the presentation and my interaction with them, that Aperi and Net Insight would complement each other because of the shared technology ideas and interests, and that Aperi could not have found a better “new home”. Once a Systems Engineer position was offered to me to further our work of over 6 years, I was happy to accept.

How is working at Net Insight?

Working at Net Insight has been very rewarding. I have had the opportunity to work very closely with and learn from the engineering team, the quality assurance team, as well as the technical and sales support teams, which has placed me in a unique position to provide a great technical support experience to Net Insight customers and prospective customers, while facilitating my personal and professional growth.

The leadership team at Net Insight has also been excellent in providing a clear definition of priorities and the results have been very positive, based on the feedback from our customers following recent timely product deliveries.

I am happy to be part of Net Insight and I hope to meet the rest of the team in person once the opportunity arises.

As a Systems Engineer, what challenges are you looking forward to solving in the future?

I look forward to providing a memorable user experience to the customers that I will have the opportunity to work with. I strongly believe that this is key to creating long lasting customer relationships, coupled with reliable product quality that Net Insight is already known for in the media industry. I also hope to continue working on maintaining and – where possible – improving product quality.