Nimbra Edge - Elastic Cloud-based Live Media Transport


We’ve rebooted OTT. We’ve combined the live experience of broadcast TV with the interactive potential of OTT.

Synchronize. Interact. Engage.

  • Higher Quality of Experience
  • Synchronized delivery for harmonized experience
  • New interactive possibilities

It starts with higher Quality of Experience. Using bandwidth smarter to deliver live OTT –without the buffering, glitching and delays that can jolt a viewer out of their experience. Then we take OTT to another level, synchronizing delivery across any device. This will mean audiences can interact with each other in real time. And the second screen will become an extension of the first.

Net Insight delivers live OTT with fixed low delay and frame-accurate synchronization. Traditional OTT platforms use caching and buffering to adapt to network congestion and glitches. This leads to unpredictable delay between devices, ranging from seconds to minutes. With Net Insight’s solution for Live OTT, you don’t need to compromise. It optimizes picture quality, and if a user’s connection can’t keep up, it uses adaptive bit rate (ABR) technology to adjust quality in real time without losing sync. This means the entire audience remains in sync regardless of the device they are watching.

For IPTV and CableTV operators, it will be possible to harmonize the traditional TV platform with the OTT delivery for a truly integrated experience. Synchronizing the second screen will enable real time interaction with the first screen. It allows viewers to ‘cast’ live content in real time from the second screen to the first. No delay. No load time. And when OTT and linear TV distribution are harmonized, seamless handover between unicast and multicast deliveries is possible, enabling a huge capacity off-load for aggregation networks, saving huge operator CAPEX.

Synchronization and low-delay delivery open up new possibilities for interactivity – and compelling companion content will soon follow. Second screen player cams that match the main action with frame-accuracy, polling, voting and betting – all in real time. All the interaction possible on the second screen will be possible on the first. Hold on for the ride.


Harmonize the experience

Social entertainment that brings people together


Get more out of live

Interaction where the action is

Content Owners

Plug in to a live global audience

Make the most of your content

Service Providers

You can’t cache live

Putting service providers back in the value chain

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