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Deliver ultra-low delay, synchronized live feeds across all devices with low bandwidth requirements – premium live experiences on any platform.

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OTT streaming – True live on any platform

Net Insight’s Sye is the world’s first and only true live OTT streaming solution, streaming live content with ultra-low latency and frame-accurate synchronization across devices. Be faster than normal broadcasts or add custom delay to with local TV services. Reconnect audiences with their social communities during live events to share experiences and interact. Wherever they are. Whatever platform they’re on. In real-time.

Engage your audience – Sync makes everything possible

With sync and latency solved, the first and second screen work together like never before. OTT audiences get full control over their experience – multi-camera, multi-view applications mean viewers can choose their favorite athlete, race car, or camera angle live and in sync. New levels of viewer engagement open the door to new advertising models and interactive services such as betting, voting, or polling.

Sye Streaming Service – Go to the cloud to beat the crowd

And now you can get instant access to OTT distribution wherever you are with our cloud-based Sye Streaming Service. See how Trippel Media’s Primetime service is leading the way from the cloud, with our streaming solutions powering interactive OTT experiences.

Monetizing new services and experiences – Leave nothing on the table

Sye turns live broadcasts into seamless experiences across devices. In events broadcasting, its unmatched abilities help you monetize your content – like true live betting and more personalized experiences. Fight churn and gain the competitive edge over any best-effort user experience.

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