Nimbra Edge - Elastic Cloud-based Live Media Transport


If OTT has turned bandwidth into a commodity, synchronized live OTT can help turn it back into a valuable resource.

Putting network owners back in the value chain

  • Differentiated live OTT
  • Performance-critical delivery
  • Raising the value of bandwidth

With endless free choice on the Internet, the value of content has become less – and so has the value of delivering it. On-demand video can be cached and delivered cheaply by networks that prioritize cost over performance. This has put network operators in a weak negotiating position and contributed to the commoditization of bandwidth. 

Live traffic is different. It is performance-critical and it can’t be cached. It requires low-latency, low-packet-loss, and absolute reliability – there are no second chances in live.

Net Insight delivers live OTT content with fixed low delay and frame-accurate synchronization. For viewers, it means new possibilities for interaction and a higher quality of experience. By handling packet drops and re-ordering in real time, Net Insight’s Live OTT solution provides fixed low delay. Adaptive bit rate (ABR) technology is used to optimize video quality without sacrificing synchronization. This means the entire audience sees the same thing at exactly the same time – independent of the device they are using.

For content owners, it enables multi-screen production and harmonization between traditional TV platforms and OTT devices. It will enable them to differentiate their OTT offering and provide quality worth paying for. It will make the second screen a platform for engagement, offering new levels of interactivity and personalized TV delivery. And in doing so, it will also become a platform for high-value personalized advertising.

But it all relies on high quality networks – and that’s where you come in. For network operators who can deliver performance-critical traffic, live OTT is going to help turn bandwidth back into a valuable resource.



Get more out of live

Interaction where the action is


Harmonize the experience

Social entertainment that brings people together


QoE that is OTT

Synchronize. Interact. Engage.

Content Owners

Plug in to a live global audience

Make the most of your content

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