Nimbra Edge - Elastic Cloud-based Live Media Transport


Watching live events lets people share an experience wherever they are. But if they lose sync, the experience falls apart. “Great goal!” “What goal?!!” “Stop telling me before it happens!!!”.

Bring back social entertainment

  • Synchronize your audience
  • Share live experiences
  • Enable real-time social interactivity

For broadcast TV, live is no problem. But OTT can’t keep up. Today’s OTT platforms are built for on-demand video. They use caching and buffering to adapt to each user’s connection. The result is unpredictable delay ranging from seconds to minutes. This means that when watching live events, viewers must turn off social media or risk finding out what happened on someone else’s screen before it happens on theirs. Social interaction is broken.

Net Insight solves the problem by harmonizing the viewing experience. Our live OTT solution delivers live video content with fixed low delay and frame-accurate synchronization – regardless of device. Everyone sees the same thing at the same time, whether they are watching their TV, phone, tablet, watch, or whatever device comes next.

It means social interaction will no longer be parallel, but part of the experience. It combines the synchronized nature of linear TV with the social interactivity that we have grown accustomed to. Live events will once again bring friends and families together, wherever they are, to share an experience.

OTT providers, content owners and service providers will have the opportunity to own the second screen experience by harmonizing it with the first. It will enable them create compelling second screen content that interacts with the first in ways that ‘parallel OTT’ simply can’t compete with. It will let them build social interaction into their content, rather than incorporating their content into third party social platforms (and giving away a big chunk of advertising revenue in the process).

While it’s built for live, the same benefits apply to other OTT content. Synchronizing broadcast TV and OTT with real-time interaction, can turn a series into a social phenomenon that is shared online and then in water cooler conversations around the country.


Get more out of live

Interaction where the action is


QoE that is OTT

Synchronize. Interact. Engage.

Content Owners

Plug in to a live global audience

Make the most of your content

Service Providers

You can’t cache live

Putting service providers back in the value chain

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