Nimbra Edge - Elastic Cloud-based Live Media Transport


Share your content with the world and be rewarded for it.
Combine what’s best about linear TV with
the interactive potential of OTT.

Make the most of your content

  • Share live content with a global audience
  • Increase viewer engagement
  • Deliver an experience worth paying for

When you’ve got live content the world wants to see, we have the OTT platform to deliver it. Why us? Because we can deliver it synchronized over any device. That means your audience can interact and engage in real time wherever they are. And that means a new world of engagement opportunities for you. Social entertainment. Viewer interaction. In-stream betting. And because it’s live, your audience won’t skip the ads.

Live events bring people together and give them an experience they can share. This can be seen in the massive social buzz driven by globally broadcast live events. They become more than an event, they become a phenomenon. But today’s OTT platforms can’t keep up. Because they adapt to viewer’s connections with variable delay, people watching the same event can be seconds or minutes apart. And when they don’t see the same thing, social interaction is spoiled.

Net Insight changes this. It delivers live OTT content with fixed low-delay and frame-accurate synchronization. It adapts to the underlying network quality and handles packet drops and re-ordering even in the harshest network environments. It optimizes video transport to deliver the highest quality possible without sacrificing sync. This means the entire audience sees the same thing at the same time – no matter what device or connection they are using.

Synchronized live OTT will enable new ways of interacting not just with each other, but also with our entertainment. This will create completely new monetization possibilities.

And it all starts with your content. Our live OTT platform lets you deliver higher quality at lower cost. It lets you distribute live regional events without owning the infrastructure. Sports, E-sports and concerts are live and demand synchronized live delivery. With cost-efficient OTT production and distribution, it is possible to monetize local events and connect a global audience to niche events.



Get more out of live

Interaction where the action is


Harmonize the experience

Social entertainment that brings people together


QoE that is OTT

Synchronize. Interact. Engage.

Service Providers

You can’t cache live

Putting service providers back in the value chain

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