Nimbra Edge - Elastic Cloud-based Live Media Transport


When live means the same thing for everyone, it’s an experience we can share. Live events synchronized across any device mean social engagement and interactivity you can bet on.

Interaction where the action is

  • Greater live experience
  • Interactive entertainment
  • Increased viewer engagement

The more audiences are swamped with on-demand choices, the more valuable live content becomes. Live events bring people together and give them an experience they can share. And because they don’t want to miss a moment, live content still holds commercial value that is fast eroding in other forms of content.

Capturing this value is one of the biggest challenges of OTT. ‘Nearly live’ is a great way to share content, but a terrible way to get rewarded for it. In today’s OTT platforms, social TV is broken. People watching the same event on different devices can be seconds or minutes apart. When they don’t see the same thing, the shared experience is lost, and so is much of the commercial potential of OTT.

Net Insight changes this with a live OTT solution that delivers frame-accurate synchronization and fixed low-delay. It adapts to the underlying network quality, handling packet drops and re-ordering even in the harshest network environments. It means higher quality live OTT delivery for longer periods of time. But that’s just the start.

Synchronized live OTT means the entire audience sees the same thing at the same time – no matter what device they are using.  It means people can share every score at the same time – whether they are on the first screen or the second. It will make possible new ways of interacting with each other and new ways of interacting with our entertainment.

When the second screen is synchronized with the first, it becomes a platform for engagement. It makes true companion content a reality: driver cams, player cams, and action cams, all in perfect sync. Not to mention the ability to interact through in-stream betting and voting in real time. For the audience, it means an all round better quality of experience – and an experience worth paying for.


Harmonize the experience

Social entertainment that brings people together


QoE that is OTT

Synchronize. Interact. Engage.

Content Owners

Plug in to a live global audience

Make the most of your content

Service Providers

You can’t cache live

Putting service providers back in the value chain

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