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Virtual Media Function Acceleration

Industry’s highest density live contribution solution with JPEG2000

Get flexibility and performance, all in one.

Enable flexible deployment of high performing virtual media functions in an all-IP world with the new Media Acceleration Module.

Designed to support the shift to SMPTE 2110 and IP-based workflows the first application is a hybrid JPEG2000 encoder/decoder providing the industry’s highest density video compression for remote production and live contribution.

Meet demands for 4K, remote production and IP

Increased demand for higher quality video content such as Ultra HD/4K, HDR (High Dynamic Range) and HFR (High Frame Rate) together with changing production workflows and the shift to IP technologies, such as the new SMPTE 2110 standard, means future media networks need to be both more agile and provide more capacity.

The Media Acceleration Module (MAM), a new generic platform for accelerated media functions, enables flexible deployment of network and media functions in all existing Nimbra MSR networks. It serves as a hardware accelerated environment for the most demanding media applications, such as high quality video encoding and decoding.

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Shift to SMPTE 2110 and new production workflows

The Media Acceleration Module is designed to support the shift to SMPTE 2110 and IP-based remote and distributed production workflows, and with that the shift to distributed and cloud-based production.

At the release three Nimbra Media Functions are made available. Hybrid encoding/decoding of HD and 4K JPEG2000 video, transport of uncompressed video and transport of ASI based video.

JPEG2000 crucial in wide area networks

JPEG2000 (J2K) continues to be crucial for transport of production quality video over long distances, with high compression grade and low latency, visually lossless.

16 HD feeds or 2 Ultra-HD/4K feeds per module, and 20+ feeds per rack unit (in Nimbra 688 with 30Gbps uplink), gives you the highest live contribution density on the market. Paired with ultra-low-latency capabilities, JPEG2000 on the Media Acceleration Module lets you meet all requirements for 4K and new demanding workflows such as remote production. Supporting more and higher quality video feeds with reduced physical footprint means space and power consumption concerns are no longer an obstacle for shifting to remote production and 4K video.

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