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Why Terabit IP Capacity?


Audiences want more.

They now demand 4K, 8K, HDR, HFR, mobile, OTT, multi-screen, VR and 360 content. For broadcasters and producers the key to meeting this demand is a shift to new remote and distributed workflows, to cloud resources and to IP based technologies like SMPTE 2110.

To make it work – and keep scaling – capacity is everything.

Higher quality content, new workflows, and new technologies drive the need for more capacity and faster networks – all the way from the camera lens to the viewer. With our terabit Media Fabric and the brand new Nimbra 1060, we solve your capacity needs and make it simple to deliver guaranteed quality for any IP based media service, such as SMPTE 2110.


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Ovum Research

Get in the game with live IP

Research shows how the WAN is critical to getting the benefits of moving live production to IP.

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Brand new Nimbra 1060

Our new all-IP terabit router makes meeting new end-user, production and IP technology demands a breeze.

Media fabric

 Agility with service aware media overlays

Flexible and automated production workflows need a flexible and automated network. Get yours with guaranteed quality using our Media Fabric solution.

Save money


Build for capacity
and gain much more

The switch to high capacity network links and high density products, means lower costs and simpler operations. Save money on leased lines, rack space, and admin compared to scaling with multiples of lower-capacity links and products.

Open up new opportunities by using extra capacity for new static or on-demand media services. A source of new revenue streams or an enabler for more content creation?

It’s your network, it’s your capacity. You decide!

Plan ahead

Simulate the future

Our network simulations make sure the switch to terabit IP networking is fast, simple and trouble free.

Available now

High density JPEG2000

Flexible high performing media functions, such as the industry’s highest density JPEG2000, on the new Media Acceleration Module.

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Don’t just take our word for it.

Join us on-site to experience the future of all-IP media networking at terabit speeds and to see the brand new Nimbra 1060.

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