Internet Media Transport

As the challenge to produce more content intensifies, so does the quest for gathering and distributing content more cost-effectively. Net Insight’s internet media transport solutions are globally recognized for pioneering professional media transport over the internet. Trusted by the largest broadcasters, our solution enables cost-effective gathering and distribution of content. With a combination of software and integrated appliances, it provides stunning capabilities and world-class reliability. From datacenter installations to remote end-sites, our solution fits all scenarios. Our solution includes monitoring tools to prove its reliability and is backed by our decades of proven expertise. Choose Net Insight for your media transport solutions.


Forget about civil works and lengthy contracts, deploy services in an instant using public infrastructure


You don’t have to pick an ecosystem. The Nimbra family supports the technology you need to take your content where it needs to go

The swiss-army-knife of broadcasting

Available in a range of flavors from cloud-based containers to compact 1 RU chassis, our solutions supports everything from a large variety of transport protocols, to integrated encoding/decoding and monitoring

Trusted by various global customers across industries

“We can now consider a far wider array of live broadcasting services, often presented at very short notice, for our overseas territories where difficult connectivity environments had, until now, hindered numerous high-quality broadcast opportunities. Net Insight’s solution reduces our operational costs significantly, while at the same time enabling us to maximize our service availability and reach to our overseas territories.”

Pascal Gerard,
French overseas territories, at France Télévisions

“We offered our IP/MPLS media transport solution to the world’s most demanding TV companies, for their contribution feeds and it has performed extremely well. Going forward, we see multiple possibilities to expand our service offering based on the advanced VA platform. In addition, the strong QoS functionalities combined with the advanced monitoring capabilities of the Net Insight Nimbra platform ensures that we can offer the highest quality services to our customers.”

Magdalena Domagalik,
Business Development Manager Media Services, KPN

“For us, carrier grade really means something, and we would never use the Globecast brand on a solution if we didn’t believe it fulfilled our strict quality requirements.”

Benoit Leonble,
Product Manager, International Terrestrial  Solutions at Globecast


Broadcasters are constantly challenged to create more and better content with their investments, and a crucial part of the end-to-end chain is the cost of transport. Traditionally, the choices have been split across two main options. Satellite which is great for distribution of content to a large number of receivers where they all want the same thing, and dedicated fiber or leased line services where there is a lot more flexibility but often coupled with a much higher price tag.

With cloud resources for live workflows rapidly moving from fantasy to reality, getting content to and from cloud environments becomes an integral part of broadcasters live workflows. Therefore, utilizing the Internet Media Transport Solutions and at the same time understanding how to realize this new network paradigm becomes imperative. Today, there are several different options ranging from Zixi, RIST, and SRT and they all have their strengths and weaknesses.

Our Internet Media Transport Solutions

Connectivity over the internet comes with high continuous loss and is prone to both loss and occasional link failures. To mitigate high continuous loss and provide lossless broadcast quality transport over these types of infrastructures, reactive and repairing technology such as Zixi, RIST, SRT can be applied. In certain cases, when the connection is of good quality forward-error correction (FEC) can also be used. To handle link failures, technologies like hitless protection and bonding of multiple connections can also be applied. These technologies can be paired with FEC or retransmission.

Net Insight’s Internet Media Transport Solutions enable professional media transport over public infrastructures. Our focus on simplifying operations through a fully integrated experience ranges from transport, to security, operational capabilities and encoding/decoding functionality. Simply put – a one-stop-shop for all your needs.

We are big believers in openness. Believers in giving you the choice of what technologies to use where and when. This can be achieved by the Internet Media Transport Solutions by Net Insight. Believers in providing you an extensive toolbox to hide the complexity of an otherwise fragmented market. That’s why we don’t pick sides. We just want you to have a simple overall experience that fully supports your business.

Reliability, resilience, redundancy, MTBF. We speak them all fluently. Depending on if you want a highly protected solution for a datacenter, or a compact and reliable solution for your customer hand-off, we’ve got the solution for you. Ranging from compact 1RU solutions, to flexible chassis-based offerings and software installations for datacenters, there is always a solution to fulfill your requirements.

Software is at the heart of what we do. In fact, it doesn’t matter how you choose to realize our solution. Standalone software in a datacenter, packaged on appliances hardware for optimized leaf sites, or as plug-in modules in our chassis-based products. It’s the same software everywhere.


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