IABM in conversation with Tata and Net Insight

In this video, Tata Communications and Net Insight discuss the evolution of their strategic partnership.

The discussion features Jeremy Dujardin, CTO – Global Media & Entertainment Services at Tata Communications and Per Lindgren, CTO, Net Insight.

They share how the relationship between the two companies began. In 2008, Tata decided to build a media network powered by Net Insight Nimbra. Since then, Tata’s network has grown from five to 600 nodes spanning the globe.

Dujardin explains that the platform gives Tata the capability to provide connectivity for Tier 1 sports including MotoGP, European Tour Golf and WRC.

He explains why Tata is currently upgrading its network to a 100G-capable IP backbone worldwide, using Net Insight technology.

“This meets the demand that broadcasters have as they move toward remote production solutions,” Dujardin says. “We have to support very high bandwidths at very low latency and with 100% SLAs. Net Insight allow us to innovate and lead the media transmission space.”

The pair also assess what comes next in the company’s collaboration. This includes investment in cloud infrastructure for media applications such as VOD, transcodes, asset management and deep archive.

Tata’s cloud platform is directly attached to its media network powered by Net Insight to provide these cloud-based applications.  It allows for seamless provisioning of video feeds over the internet to the cloud for contribution and distribution.

Furthermore, Net Insight Nimbra Edge is being deployed by Tata to allows its media customers to virtualize production.

Lindgren sums up how far the partnership has come. “Ten years ago, the idea of doing high quality video over the internet didn’t exist,” he concludes. “Now, with Covid-19 impacting the entire media production and broadcast industry, the move to IP and cloud workflows is more important than ever.”