How Net Insight empowers TV content over internet in Samoa

SDCL (Samoa Digital Communications Ltd) is a Digital TV multiplex operator in Samoa who were looking for a cost-efficient solution to bring content from TV studios to head-end for distribution.

It all started off when SDCL were granted the license to build and maintain the platform for Digital Terrestrial TV, the first in the country with the latest DVB T2 technology, which now hosts 7 TV channels. And the Digital TV Platform has reached a 99.9% coverage across the nation.

Net Insight’s partner, the Consultant and System Integrator Techtel, integrated the entire DVB-T2 network for SDCL including a fully redundant head-end and 20 x transmission sites in two main islands.

As next step, SDCL wanted to cost-effectively bring multiple feeds from different local TV studios to the head-end for distribution.

SDLC had three main challenges

  • Lack of fiber infrastructure for point-to-point connections
  • Challenging terrain effects and weather conditions to establish solid Microwave links between the remote TV studios and the head-end
  • Limited budget

Techtel delivered a comprehensive proof of concept to SDCL and subsequently to their clients and successfully proved that all of the criteria could be met by Net Insight’s media over internet solution. Those included high picture quality, service security, service protection against internet impairments, costs, supports, scalability and flexibility. Net Insight’s local sales and pre-sales teams added a great value during this process supporting Techtel to deliver a successful demo to SDCL.

Techtel proposed, designed and implemented a local media contribution network based on Net Insight’s Nimbra 400 platform to achieve SDCL’s goals. It is a semi-managed network and has 4 x Nimbra 400s at remote ends and a multichannel node at the head-end.

The benefits with the new media network are:

  • Quality of service and reliability
  • Affordability
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Professional services by Techtel experts and 24×7 support team

“We were looking for a solution that was easy to deploy, reliable and cost-effective, and thanks to Techtel and Net Insight we found a perfect match.”  Joshua S Lutu, Chief Engineer SDCL.

The result

The Net Insight solution helped SDCL to add more channels quickly and successfully to their multiplex platform, which translated to an immediate boost in their revenue stream and did also facilitate for a fast return on investment. Also allowing Samoan operators to bring content from overseas over open internet.

“It’s been an exciting journey and we are happy to support SDCL moving forward as we are in the process of expanding the network even further together with them.” Payam Safa, Business Development Strategist at Techtel


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