How IP and ST 2110 enable a distributed production eco-system

Industrialized TV production

New IP-based standards are beginning to move TV production away from proprietary infrastructures to efficient, open, interoperable platforms.

But simply changing technology in the LAN alone will bring limited benefits. The full benefits of IP-based technologies are realized only when deployed at the wide area network (WAN) level and only when existing in-house production processes give way to structured, consistent workflows used seamlessly across geographical and organizational boundaries.

The formula to successful transformation combines several interdependent elements, including:

  • remote (at-home) production
  • distributed production
  • ST 2110 IP technology in both the LAN and WAN
  • use of unmanaged networks
  • workflow automation, and
  • automatic resource optimization.

Industrialized TV can transform live TV production, in particular, with unified workflows, structured practices, and flexible resourcing that shed the restrictions location and geography.