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September 14–18

IBC 2018

Visit Net Insight at booth 1.B40 in hall 1. Request a meeting in advance to secure your time slot!

IP all the way – Net Insight at IBC 2018

IBC Show           1.B40
RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Nimbra  IP Media Networking.
Sye True live OTT.
ScheduALL Resource management and optimization.


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IP Media Networking: Nimbra

Software defined & service-aware media networking. Get the performance and flexibility to meet tomorrow’s media network requirements today.

Software-defined media ST 2110 networking

Deploy IP services quickly, automate workflows, and transport a mix of services and formats without compromising quality. Net Insight Media Fabric offers the agility of a ST2110 software-defined WAN with the on-demand bandwidth reservation, burst control and PTP over WAN on top of any IP network – and OPEX savings of up to 70%.

ST2110 Terabit capacity – Nimbra MSR 1060 Media Ethernet Switch

Live content is growing and new demanding formats are introduced. The award-winning Nimbra 1060 deliver the terabit capacity to make it possible to introduce 4k uncompressed workflows with the proven quality of service. Nimbra 1060 is a terabit IP switch with inbuilt media functions as bandwidth reservation, bust control and PTP over WAN features as well as quality measurement of all services.

Nimbra introduces the high capacity virtual media function acceleration

Experience the industry’s highest density ST2110 live contribution solution launched. Our new Media Acceleration Module supports the shift to ST 2110 and IP-based workflows. It features e.g. a hybrid JPEG2000 encoder/decoder for unparalleled video compression in remote production and live contribution

Remote production 2.0 – push the boundaries of remote production

In a unique collaboration with Grass Valley, Calrec and Riedel we are showing yet another level of centralization in IP ST2110 Remote Production. Make your Remote site a plug-&-play implementation to minimize the need of people on site. Remote Production 2.0 delivers end-to-end solutions for lower operational costs and shorter time to service.

Virtualized IP Internet contribution with full management control

Internet will play a more and more important role in contribution in the future ST2110 distributed production and contribution environment. With Nimbra VA, Net Insight can show how you can create a state of the art manageable network including cloud or own datacentre resources. Use the Nimbra VA for any contribution requirement as replace or backup satellite links to save up to 90%. Use the Internet to get the audience in the action – and stretch the payoff by monetizing your long-tail content.

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Distribution: Sye – The true live OTT solution

Deliver ultra-low delay, synchronized live feeds across all devices with low bandwidth requirements – premium live experiences on any platform.

OTT streaming – True live on any platform

Net Insight’s Sye is the world’s first and only true live OTT streaming solution, streaming live content with ultra-low latency and frame-accurate synchronization across devices. Be faster than normal broadcasts or add custom delay to with local TV services. Reconnect audiences with their social communities during live events to share experiences and interact. Wherever they are. Whatever platform they’re on. In real-time.

Engage your audience – Sync makes everything possible

With sync and latency solved, the first and second screen work together like never before. OTT audiences get full control over their experience – multi-camera, multi-view applications mean viewers can choose their favorite athlete, race car, or camera angle live and in sync. New levels of viewer engagement open the door to new advertising models and interactive services such as betting, voting, or polling.

Sye Streaming Service – Go to the cloud to beat the crowd

And now you can get instant access to OTT distribution wherever you are with our cloud-based Sye Streaming Service. See how Trippel Media’s Primetime service is leading the way from the cloud, with our streaming solutions powering interactive OTT experiences.

Monetizing new services and experiences – Leave nothing on the table

Sye turns live broadcasts into seamless experiences across devices. In events broadcasting, its unmatched abilities help you monetize your content – like true live betting and more personalized experiences. Fight churn and gain the competitive edge over any best-effort user experience.

Resource management and optimization: ScheduALL

In the future distributed environment enabled by ST2110 over WAN, it becomes essential to control both your own production resource, talent and gear as well as managing your partners resources at the right time. Eliminate complexity and transform your business to its most manageable form. Spend less time worrying about operational details and more time focusing on planning and growing revenue.

How does a 30% boost in resource revenue sound?

Our scheduling solutions for media and broadcast can increase sales and revenue on existing resources by up to 30%. Forget the stress of overbooked resources and last-minute orders. ScheduALL takes the pain out of third-party resource management so you can make the most of your own assets.

Operational and financial management – Take charge

Take complete control of your media and broadcast resources, facilities, and occasional use feeds with our centralized, real-time bookings solution, purpose-built for the broadcast industry. Handle everything from sales and bookings to operational control and financial management. Keep your resources fully utilized and conflict-free for ultimate efficiency, capacity and revenue potential.

Connector Marketplace – Supply meets demand

Explore a global marketplace where you can buy and sell services, content, resources, and cloud-based media production workflows. Connector Marketplace seamlessly integrates contribution, production, and distribution services with the cost and performance control of in-house resources.

Customer provisioned networks – In a box

Put your customer in control by fully automating the bookings process from order to delivery. CPN-in-a-Box combines Nimbra’s infrastructure layers with ScheduALL’s business systems for agile, assured, and orchestrated services.  Customer facing applications, file transfer software, orchestration, network control, and open APIs. In-a-box!


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