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IBC 2017

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IBC 2017
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
September 15-19
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Media transport. Resource scheduling. True live OTT.

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nimbra iconContribution: Nimbra

Software defined & service-aware media networking. Get the performance and flexibility to meet tomorrow’s media network requirements today.

Remote production 2.0

As competition for eyeballs increases, broadcasters and media providers need to do more with less. With the massive growth of live events, remote production is a powerful way to increase efficiency and optimize the value of the content. Net Insight can uniquely offer broadcasters and production houses an end-to-end solution for remote production that includes fully distributed production workflows over commonly available IP infrastructure. With on-demand scheduling of production resources and software-defined workflow automation, Net Insight offers additional operational cost reductions and shorter time to service.

With the recent agreement with Calrec Audio, one of the leading manufacturers of high quality production and live to air audio mixing consoles exclusively for broadcasters, we are simplifying the challenges the broadcast industry faces in deploying remote live productions. This is being achieved by integrating Net Insight’s Nimbra platform with Calrec’s RP1 Remote Production unit to provide support with a full audio remote production solution that offers simple connectivity, quality assured transport and precise control of audio mixes from any location.

Software defined media networking

Tomorrow’s media networks enable operators to deploy services quickly, automate workflows, and transport a mix of different services and formats – without ever compromising on quality. Net Insight Media Fabric offers the agility of a software-defined network with the assurance of guaranteed service isolation on top of any IP network, so that network owners can implement tomorrow’s media production workflows today.

Internet contribution for satellite backup

Look at our list of references, it speaks for itself. Internet based contribution is here, and it works. The Nimbra VA, our solution for live broadcast quality video transport over the Internet, is truly disrupting the media & broadcast industry. By using Nimbra VA as a backup instead of satellite contribution links, customers can lower their cost of operations by magnitudes as well as monetize niche content at a cost point that was previously unattainable.

And with carrier class operational performance that Net Insight is renowned for, the Nimbra VA provides the tools for rapid service activation and long-term quality control for trouble-free operations.

sye iconDistribution: Sye

Deliver ultra-low delay, synchronized live feeds across all devices with low bandwidth requirement – premium live experiences on any platform.

A true live OTT solution, on any platform

Net Insight’s Sye is the world’s first and only true live OTT streaming solution, enabling live content to be streamed with ultra-low latency and frame-accurate synchronization across devices. It has the ability to be faster than normal broadcasts or add individual delay to harmonize the OTT stream with viewer’s local TV service provider. By streaming with Sye the gap closes between the OTT audience and the TV audience, solving the problem of OTT audiences being disconnected from their social communities during live events. Sye lets everyone share live experiences and interact wherever they are, with whatever platform they’re on, in real-time.

Engage your audience

With the sync and latency issues solved, the first and second screen can now become integrated, enabling the second screen to serve as an extension of the first. This gives OTT audiences full control over their experience with multi-camera, multi-view applications where viewers can choose their favorite athlete, race car, or camera angle live and in sync. Using the OTT platform will drive viewer engagement; create interactive advertising models; and include additional interactive services such as: betting, voting, or polling.

Server-side ad-insertion to monetize your OTT audience

Sye also includes a server-side ad-insertion solution, optimized for OTT platforms. There is no more unnecessary slating, black screens, or spinning wheels. Sye provides a personalized ad experience that is immune to ad blocking, giving service providers full control of the OTT ad serving workflow while maximizing their ad revenue.

scheduall iconScheduling: ScheduALL

Reduce the complexity of your business down to its most manageable form, allowing you to spend less time worrying about operational details and more time focusing on business planning and growing revenue.

Operational and Financial Management

Take complete control of your media and broadcast resources, facilities, and occasional use feeds with our centralized, real-time bookings solution purpose-built for the broadcast industry. A single comprehensive system that encompasses your organization’s full requirements from sales and bookings through operational control and financial management ensures that all of your company’s resources are utilized conflict-free to their ultimate efficiency, optimum capacity and full revenue potential.

Connector Marketplace™

Explore a global marketplace where you can buy and sell services, content, and resources seamlessly adding cloud-based services for media production workflows. Connector marketplace allows users to seamlessly integrate contribution, production until distribution services while allowing cost and performance control as easy as if they were in-house resources. The newly added cloud services make content production even more efficient and will give a greater flexibility and scalability for quick deployment of content while at the same time assuring lower upfront costs for media production companies.

Customer Provisioned Networks

We empower you to put your customer in control by fully automating the bookings process from order to delivery. Our customer- and application-provisioned solution is all about building and efficiently utilizing your next generation networks. Combining our proven expertise in infrastructure layers (Nimbra) and business systems (ScheduALL), we enable you to deliver agile, assured and orchestrated services by bringing together customer facing applications; file transfer software; orchestration; network control and open APIs.

Media transport. Resource scheduling. True live OTT.

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