Nimbra Edge - Elastic Cloud-based Live Media Transport

February 26 – 28

Los Angeles, California, USA

February 26 – 28, 2019
Los Angeles, California, USA

VidTrans19 is an annual conference & exposition for innovative networking and video technologies, it is sponsored by the Video Services Forum (VSF). This year’s theme is “Making IP Video Production a Reality”.

RIST interoperability demo

VidTrans19 will feature important industry interoperability demonstrations and Net Insight will participate in live demos, which will be conducted on-site and via the public Internet :

RIST (Reliable Internet Stream Transport) technology will be demonstrated through the use of real-time, contribution-quality video streams exchanged over the public Internet between Marina del Rey and a number of remote locations around the world. The emphasis will be on multi-vendor interoperability using VSF TR-06-01 (published in October 2018).

Conference speaker:

Net Insight’s Alexander Sandström will present “Uncompressed UHD over WAN and the Shift to 100Gbps Long Distance Connectivity” on Wednesday, February 27, 2019 at 8:45AM.

See full agenda:

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