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Cloud Ingest of Live Video – An open approach to RIST, SRT and retransmission protocols
Today most broadcasters are on a journey to cloud-based production and distribution, with many moving live tasks like news production and playout to the cloud. In such a transition, live ingest becomes a challenge. Getting live content from where an event happens into someone else’s data centre means crossing public infrastructure.

Even leased cloud connectivity cannot compare to existing media networks in terms of quality and reliability; and therefore, additional transport protection such as retransmission is needed.
There are multiple retransmission initiatives today, all aiming to solve professional media transport over the Internet and into the cloud. From the open source protocol SRT and the VSF standardized RIST/TR-06 to proprietary protocols. And while theoretically the industry could elect a “winner” that everyone implements, our experience and tests show that not all retransmission solutions are equal. They provide fundamentally different characteristics and are therefore suitable for different use cases.

When: Sunday April 7, 2019 10:40 AM – 12:00 PM
Where: Room N260
Speaker: Love Thyresson – Head of Internet Media Transport
Heading up the Internet contribution product line at Net Insight, Love has made Net Insight a pioneering force within the Internet contribution industry. By leveraging the industry transition to software and cloud, Love has grown the footprint of Internet contribution by more than 10x over the past few years with the technology now used by many of the largest broadcasters and service providers in the world.
Key to the success of Internet contribution is deployment and operational simplicity. Prior to pioneering in Internet contribution Love spent time driving the development of next generation operations support systems, making telecom networks simpler to manage at one of the world’s largest telecom vendors.

Wide Area Networks for both high- and low-end SMPTE ST 2110 workflows
SMPTE ST 2110 is the standard that everyone is gathering around for IP based production. And with support for both uncompressed and compressed workflows, it will be used in both high- and low-end productions. And while that means all kinds of workflows will use the same technical standard, network and WAN requirements are going to be vastly different.

Reaping the benefits of ST 2110 is all about embracing new ways of working, such as at home (remote) and distributed production. These new ways of working put the WAN right in the middle of the production workflows, further increasing the network quality and available demands.

Building wide area networks that provide the quality demanded by remote and distributed high-end production, while also meeting the price pressure that comes with low-end productions requires a seamless mix of private and public network infrastructure.

When: Monday April 8, 2019 4:00 PM – 4:20 PM
Where: Room N256
Speaker: Alexander Sandström – Head of Product Marketing
Alexander Sandstrom is heading up product marketing for media transport at Net Insight, providing broadcasters and media service providers with IP based video transport solutions enabling the shift to IP production infrastructure, software-based media workflows, cloud resources as well as Internet contribution and distribution.

Alexander Sandstrom has spent most of the past decade driving the shift to IP and Software Defined Networking in telecom and broadcast by designing, selling and marketing IP and SDN based solutions at one of the world’s largest telecom vendors.

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