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Accurate time is key to deliver secure and reliable critical high-end enterprise services without compromising on availability and quality

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Ensure accurate phase and location services

Precise and reliable time synchronization is critical in both defense and other critical networks to ensure accurate phase and location services. GNSS/GPS independence is today a must for critical networks, and an alternative in-network synchronization solution needs to be able to handle heterogeneous and challenging network environments and to function over links with strong encryption.

Net Insight’s Precision Timenet is unique due to its overlay qualities combined with high accuracy and security even over challenging network environments, including links with embedded encryption.


Top 3 challenges we can help you solve

How to increase service security and reliability through GNSS/GPS independence

Conflicts and tense geopolitical situations have made operators aware of the vulnerability of GNSS solutions and that satellite signals are easily jammed or spoofed. Several countries have mandated that all 5G deployments need to be GNSS independent for the operator to receive a license. Increase service security and reliability through increased GNSS/GPS independence or redundancy.

How to secure critical service availability

Accurate time needs to be available everywhere in the network and asymmetries and network failures in the underlying infrastructure must not be allowed to interrupt or disturb the timing distribution.

How to take full ownership of your synchronization

Time accuracy and phase synchronization requirements are much higher in critical networks thus time synchronization is a system critical function with high impact on service performance and delivery. Synchronization needs to be handled independent of underlying infrastructure and should include leased line and SLA support.


One size does not fit all – what do you work with?

Critical networks need a fast, secure and reliable communication infrastructure and are contributing to the demand for accelerated 5G rollouts as their need to update their public safety broadband networks is rising. 5G and other critical infrastructure such as digital TV and Tetra networks all require very accurate time synchronization. Bringing mission critical services like Blue light communications into mobile networks increase the focus on service availability, security and reliability in future 5G networks. To coop with both indoor and outdoor environments make the use case even more complex for GNSS/GPS receivers.

Net Insight’s synchronization solution, Precision TimeNet, is an innovative time synchronization solution that leverages existing telecom networks without depending on GNSS/GPS. In doing so, it enables the accuracy, security, and low latency operators need to accelerate the deployment of 5G and other mission critical networks requiring accurate time synchronization without introducing further complexity or requiring costly infrastructure upgrades. Precision TimeNet is a fully open, standards-based solution that enhances interoperability, enabling telecoms organizations to integrate it within their current infrastructure and reap its benefits.

Precision TimeNet paves the way for the future of mobile and telecommunications, enabling operators across the world to turn their 5G vision into a reality for everyone and for any service.

Whether you own your entire network or partly use leased-line capacity, are planning on continue to use GNSS/GPS or moving over to an in-network synchronization alternative – our solution can be beneficial to you. Find out where our solution fits into your network – Blue light, surveillance, defense, cloud or a combination of those.

Government networks

When GNSS/GPS independence, security and reliability is key

Blue light networks

When service availability and reliability is crucial

Cloud networks

For open disaggregated and futureproof synchronization


We work with global customers

Türk Telekom

Europe – Mobile operator

“We see considerable market potential for this innovative solution which will reduce costs and speed up the roll-out of 5G for mobile operators globally”


CEO of Türk Telekom

Synchronization is the next key capability that will enable critical services and applications in 5G networks to drive return on investment for MNOs