Broadcasters and content owners are moving more of their operations into public and private cloud. Distribution and contribution using the internet is an essential strategy of media organizations the world over and production in the cloud is now following suit.

Media processing is part of the suite of core services required for live production that can be hosted in the cloud today. Format conversion, multiviewing and video switching, graphics and playout are also primed for cloud and available as a-service. The network support for moving to the cloud include virtual routers, bandwidth management, protection mechanisms, firewalls, and network management software and is needed to create a seamless experience when managing live content to and from the cloud.


We’re now at the point where entire live production workflows are possible to create in the cloud but there are still challenges. Media organisations are moving at different paces and there is no one size fits all technical approach to cloud networking. That’s why partnering with an expert in the design and management of broadcast grade cloud computing networks can help your team navigate the journey.

There is no technology reason why a full live production pipeline cannot be built entirely in the cloud. With Nimbra Edge, media has the on-ramp to the cloud.


The Benefits of Cloud Based Networking

The benefits of moving media transport, to the cloud are clear and multi-faceted.

A principal benefit is cost. Cloud based networking allows media organizations to save huge fixed capital investment on inflexible bricks and mortar facilities by optimizing compute and storage resources in the cloud. By only renting services when needed the organization regains control of operational spend. Without having to build and maintain equipment in-house, the complexities of integration are reduced while the ability to add and refresh new services is dramatically increased.


Broadcasters and media service providers want to move into the cloud for flexibility and speed. Dial up what you need on the day of demand and adjust capacity on-the-fly.

Changing from a custom on-premises environment to an open source environment, from siloed processes to using common tools, affords a much more consistent operational experience. The deterministic behaviour of systems in the cloud means broadcasters can predict exactly what operating and expanding a service, or launching a new one, should cost.

Add to that a microservices approach to development and deployment and broadcasters can upgrade equipment and introduce new features far faster, more economically and more flexibly than before.

The beauty of Nimbra Edge is that you don’t have to forklift everything into the cloud in one go. You can move some elements today and others tomorrow in a hybrid approach, to optimize the implementation cost. IP and cloud based networking can evolve as you go.

Cloud networking combined with remote production is also key to sustainability by dramatically driving down the costs of power, energy and transport.


Net Insight Cloud Networking Solutions

Nimbra Edge is a hyper-scale media cloud networking solution built to reduce your network complexity and to connect, secure, manage and consume content easily anywhere. Nimbra Edge is about simplicity from implementation to operations. It works with any cloud provider and can be deployed on prem or in the public cloud.

It is easy to connect. Ingest live feeds from any location or appliance, using any format and most vendor platforms. Nimbra Edge works with any professional media over IP protocol such as RIST, Zixi and SRT.


As management and ease of operation are key to flexible and cost efficient operations. Nimbra Edge have an intuitive UI serves provisioning, real-time monitoring and analytics insights of your content via automatic workflows. Protection is guaranteed with end-to-end encryption throughout your delivery as well as state of the art authentication, authorization and audit (ARQ, Hitless).

With Net Insight cloud networking solutions you can reduce transport costs by 70% compared to satellite. There’s no need to dedicate a room or a truck or commit rack space. Model the costs per hour and match metrics around traffic flows, bitrates and reliability closely to your KPIs.

Scale up and down cloud services or make use of the automated flows but always stay in control of your content streaming. Net Insight cloud networking solutions are the reliable, elastic backbone that delivers uninterrupted, pristine quality media over IP for premium broadcasters and enterprise clients worldwide.