Cloud Media Transport (Cloud Contribution & Distribution)

Secure cloud contribution and distribution services to any destination.

Media contribution and distribution on a global scale

Whether your business is focused on live media contribution or distribution over the Internet, achieving outstanding quality for live media workflows in cloud environments can be cumbersome.

Net Insight provides a mission-critical media transport solution built on the resilient and scalable foundation of cloud architectures to deliver IP media securely across the globe.

Cloud Distribution Network and cloud contribution focuses on providing you the above service adapted to your challenges and is one of the unique properties of Net Insight.

Net Insight helps customers

Reliable transport

Award-winning solution to ensure the integrity and quality of your live streams to any destination.

Secure mechanism

Guarantee the delivery of your live media assets to all final destinations globally and with confidence.

Low latency

High-performance live media routing service to efficiently reach your geographically distributed locations.

Advanced analytics

End-to-end live transport monitoring across the entire infrastructure to reduce operational cost.

Scale at your pace

A truly agile business solution that can instantly adapt to new projects and service needs.

How does it work?

Production companies

Leverage your IP media workflow to gather all your local and remotely dispersed source feeds in a consistent and seamless manner. Use the same infrastructure to distribute your produced content while expanding your revenue streams.


Bring your content and unleash the benefits of cloud media distribution to reach a broader audience while maintaining a cost-effective transport solution to your affiliates and right holders.

Service providers

Provide a unified and consolidated internet media transport solution to your customers with a production-ready service that is securely proven, reliable at its core and intuitive to use. We also contribute with cloud distribution network to improve the above service.

About Net Insight

We are trusted

For over 20 years, we have been trusted by the world’s leading brands – from LinkedIn and The Switch to Tata Communications and SVT.

We are pioneer

Aperi is a pioneer of virtualized-media production that offers scalability and all-IP at its core; just as Nimbra Edge, our hyper-scale media cloud platform, have revolutionized the way we consume media, enabling you to connect, manage, and consume content easily from anywhere.

Transformation partner

We help our customers transform their media businesses and benefit from IP and virtualization solutions — new software-defined, virtual and distributed media workflows. This way, our customers can build on their existing hardware investments.

Cloud Distribution Solutions Trusted by Global Customers across Many Industries


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SRF utilized Net Insight’s Cloud distribution solution for the FIS Alpine Ski World Championship 2021


In February 2021 the event of FIS Alpine World Ski Championships were held in Cortina Italy. SRF (Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen), were given the opportunity to deliver the solution during the Covid-19 pandemic to broadcast the event to a Global audience.

The challenge

SRF had already tested Nimbra Edge, Net Insight’s Cloud distribution platforms, and was pleased with its superior production capacities. Because of the Pandemic situation the local government decided to “close down” the region, hence the 80 employees could not travel to the region of Cortina.

The solution

Because the number of experts sent to the region were limited the solution had to be a “plug and play” which could also be managed by only a handful of project managers and journalists. It made the production of the event easier as well since the quality was kept at its highest.

The result

The cloud distribution solution from Net Insight excelled in its delivery and with its versatile capabilities it has been the first choice of SRF in combination with 3rd party encoders and decoders.

“We were very confident with Nimbra Edge throughout the Championship, as Nimbra stands for highest quality and reliability, and we had no stream outage at all.”

Head of CSM at SRF


Next generation of media transport designed for ultimate reliability, flexibility and versatility. Nimbra Edge is a fully cloud-based media transport solution designed for private or public cloud environments.Nimbra Edge augments existing Nimbra devices by drastically simplifying the network architecture through offloading complexity such as redundancy and scalability to its cloud-based backend. With its open approach to networking, Nimbra Edge connects to any media device supporting RIST, SRT, Zixi or Net Insights Edge connect software. The latter designed to cloud-enable any third-party device or workflow.



With its swiss-army-knife approach, the Nimbra 400 family is the very definition of versatility. Engineered for the harsh realities of the internet, the Nimbra 400 family supports a wide range of video and transport technologies. The combination of native support for both AVC and HEVC encoding/decoding, compressed video over IP and ASI and an open and flexible approach to IP networking in a super-efficient 1 RU form factor makes the Nimbra 400 family a perfect companion for space constrained remote sites and flight kits. With native support for RIST, SRT, Zixi and our own Edge Connect software means you can get your content anywhere. The integrated encryption and firewall paired with transport of any remote management traffic and comms also minimizes the need for third party equipment on site.

Paired with its standalone software counterpart, the Virtual Nimbra, means there are solutions ranging from highly redundant appliances for flight-kit and racks, to flexible software for datacenters and public cloud providers.



Aperi is an innovative product portfolio of live IP Media Function Virtualization (MFV) solutions for the broadcast industry. The open and standards-based solutions bring data center robustness, agility and economics to the most mission-critical live sports, entertainment and news program productions in the world. Aperi’s product portfolio was acquired in 2020 by Net Insight.



World’s largest Nimbra networks to HD

EBU has selected Nimbra platform for the Eurovision fiber network

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU)

World’s largest alliance of public service media organisation

Since 2004, when the EBU selected Net Insight’s Nimbra platform, the EUROVISION Fibre Network (FiNE) has evolved with Net Insight’s latest products and features.

The EUROVISION satellite and fibre network is one of the largest and most rock solid in the world. It delivers more than 80,000 hours of programming every year, the majority of which is live sports. Its undisputed reputation for flexibility and reliability is reflected in the prestigious events it regularly carries on the EUROVISION network.

“We continue our solid relationship with Net Insight for the development of our network since we aim to be the standardbearer for QoS and reliability around the world.”

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It offers secure cloud contribution and distribution services globally, ensuring high-quality live media workflows in cloud environments.

It provides reliable transport, secure delivery mechanisms, low latency, advanced analytics, and scalability for live media routing.

Businesses focused on live media contribution or distribution over the Internet, requiring secure, high-performance media routing services.

Net Insight’s cloud solutions address the challenge of maintaining outstanding quality for live media workflows in cloud environments, ensuring reliability and performance.

Net Insight provides secure cloud media transport by employing advanced security mechanisms to guarantee the safe delivery of live media assets globally.

The solution is agile and adaptable, allowing businesses to scale their media transport operations in line with project requirements and service needs.