Christer Bohm announced new member of the AIMS Board of Directors

Net Insight has been a driving industry force in making broadcasters move from SDI systems to a virtualized and IP-based future, in areas such as remote production and the adoption of ST2110 standards, through active participation in several industry bodies and contributing to the technology shift.

The Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) is one of the key industry organizations promoting new open standards, in which Net Insight has been an active member of for several years.

Dr. Christer Bohm is one of the co-founders of Net Insight and he is now taking a seat in the AIMS Board of Directors and will now take an even more active role in AIMS and in the industry’s transition to IP. Christer has a long and broad experience of new IP based technologies and new production workflows supporting Net Insight’s customers all over the world to transition to IP.

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