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Get the right mix for your business, creative and operational needs

With Net Insight’s market-leading technologies, media facilities can be connected and workflow-optimized, so they operate more efficiently than ever.

Our priority is to support our customers with theirs: Creating great content. With streamlined processes and ultimate reliability – this is possible.


Top 3 challenges we help you solve

How to create more content

You need to create more content without significantly adding to your workload and produce a broader range of content in the most efficient ways possible.

With increasing platforms and social media sites, you need to produce material that will suit multiple outlets while also enhancing viewer engagement.

How to save costs

You want to optimize and streamline workflows across the organization and its estate and use resources in equipment, facilities, and personnel.

The possibility to enable staff to work more flexibly, including from home or remotely ‘in the field’. You want to reduce time spent traveling or setting up equipment in other locations. Harness the capabilities of modern, highly connected infrastructures to save your organization time and money, freeing up the capacity to work on other projects.

How to secure content delivery

Content is king. Changing viewer habits creates new opportunities but also risks in terms of consumer retention and engagement.

Simultaneously, the number and diversity of competitors are increasing all the time, meaning that media companies have to be highly responsive and attentive to evolving viewer expectations.


One size does not fit all, what do you work with?

We work to accommodate and support all your networking needs – from production to primary distribution. We can help you address all of your Tier 1-related challenges and internet distribution issues – and in the process, optimize your resources and maximize your creativity.

We know you want to maximize the outcome of the event – transporting more feeds to support creating a broader range of content for your distribution platforms and implementing high-quality workflows for future 4K content experiences.

Are you ready to cater to different platforms and audiences, sometimes on a short-notice basis? With our solutions, it becomes easier to adapt and differentiate content and content quality based on distribution requirements and the availability of infrastructure.

After the production process, our solutions help you distribute your content to headends, affiliates, and cloud service providers  safely. We help you plan, implement and operate your entire media network.


Net Insight also makes it possible to transport multiple aligned feeds, add audio, and achieve flexible control for your production. With our technologies, there are no obstacles to creating a consistent workflow experience for the director, while effective collaboration across countries and continents is easily achievable.

Net Insight supports your production needs in both managed networks and cloud.


The biggest global sports events in the world rely on Net Insight solutions for live contribution. We guarantee the world’s most efficient and reliable media transportation, leaving you to focus on the actual production of content.

We can help you modernize your content delivery while ensuring the greatest possible reliability. Our solutions guarantee secure and robust delivery for new IP formats such as ST-2110 and ST 2022-6. We can also ensure optimized usage of your SDI-based infrastructure as you migrate to IP.

You will require different solutions depending on available network capacity. Net Insight accommodates the diversity of requirements by providing solutions that optimize delivery based on the network and infrastructural capabilities.

Primary distribution

Net Insight has had involvement in primary distribution since DTT, so we fully understand the importance of securing the distribution of your channels to affiliates and MSOs.

By utilizing ARQ (re-transmission protocol), you can control quality parameters and reliability options by running software in the cloud. Now that cloud and internet constitute a viable transport medium, and it is possible to ensure reliable distribution to any point where there is internet availability for a fraction of the cost of satellite. Route your content to anywhere in the world with just a few finger clicks effortlessly.


Groundbreaking Remote Production with Net Insight solution

Sveriges Television AB

Television Stock Company

To overhaul the transport architecture, production workflow and corporate culture behind the broadcaster’s live events content production. The long-term project began in late 2014 with the vision to replace reliance on mobile facilities for outside broadcast with a video over IP network spanning the country and centralizing workflow on one technical hub. The first significant test of the new system was timed for host coverage of the 2019 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships.

“We wanted a solution that would provide a base throughput of 10 Gbps between our hubs and the ability to expand to 100 Gbps whenever we needed it. We were looking for a provider that understood video over IP. Net Insight was the ideal partner. Net Insight cares about what we put in the pipe not just how the pipe works.


Director of technology, CTO, at SVT

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