Arielle Slama co-chairs the RIST Forum in 2020

The RIST Forum promotes an interoperable standard, Reliable Internet Stream Transport (RIST) for transporting live video over unmanaged IP networks. Bringing together industry experts to implement a standards-based, open solution for secure, low-latency live video 

Arielle Slama, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Net Insight, and Suzana Brady, Vice President of Sales at Cobalt Digital, were voted to remain as co-chairs during the AGM. 

The group’s directors are as follows: 

The members will continue to facilitate the forum’s key objective – a global adoption of interoperable RIST protocol, led by Ciro Noronha, Executive VP of Engineering at Cobalt Digital, and RIST Forum President. 

The RIST Forum continues to showcase its commitment to contribution and distribution solutions, participating in events throughout 2020. NAB Show is the next key conference for the group, where RIST members will be available for discussion in the Future of Delivery Zone. RIST Directors will participate in a full programme of panel debates and presentations during the show.  

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