The Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of Net Insight AB (publ) was held on May 9, 2017. The Company’s Nomination Committee is responsible for proposing a Chairman for the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting. Lars Berg was elected the Chairman of the meeting. The Annual Shareholders’ Meeting made the following decisions:

  • Approval of the annual report, appropriation of result and discharge from liability
  • The number of board members, appointed by the shareholders’ meeting, should be seven with one deputy. Lars Berg, Gunilla Fransson, Anders Harrysson, Cecilia Beck-Friis, Crister Fritzson, Jan Barchan and Charlotta Falvin were re-elected as board members and Stina Barchan was elected as personal deputy for Jan Barchan. Lars Berg was re-elected chairman of the board.
  • The AGM decided that the number of auditors shall be one without deputies. Deloitte AB was elected as the company’s auditor with Therese Kjellberg as auditor in charge.
  • Resolution to amend the articles of association
  • Resolution regarding the nomination committee and guidelines for remuneration and other terms of employment for the group management
  • Resolution on the issue of synthetic options
  •  Resolution regarding authorization for the board of directors to resolve to repurchase and transfer of own shares

Board of Directors Nomination Committee

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