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Accelerate 5G-rollouts with Net Insight’s software solution Precision TimeNet (PTN).

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Synchronization for next-gen 5G mobile networks

Connectivity is a key component in a larger part of our personal and professional lives, and 5G is currently changing how we communicate, work, and play. Fast, low-latency bandwidth is transforming the mobile operator industry, opening up for new use cases and opportunities for innovation. As mission critical applications and technologies are being enabled by and migrated to 5G networks, it is ever more crucial to ensure a smooth rollout and an even more robust and secure connection.

The big promise of 5G for mobile operators is real-time and near real-time high-value applications and services for enterprises. Market research estimates this 5G business to be worth ~20 Bn USD in only a few years.

To succeed in monetizing this opportunity, mobile operators need to secure service availability and reliability. This requires a seamless, secure and omnipresent time synchronization throughout the entire 5G network. Net Insight has developed a 5G synchronization solution, Precision TimeNet, to solve the drawbacks with current timing solutions. This solution is specifically designed to increase resiliency and service availability in 5G networks and will help mobile operators to cost-effectively accelerate their 5G rollouts.

Requirements for synchronization for 5G mobile operators

Precise time synchronization

Reliable and high accuracy time synchronization in mission critical 5G services.

Accelerate 5G-rollouts

By deploying over existing underlying infrastructure operators will accelerate the national rollout process.

Regulatory requirements

GNSS independence to manage jamming and interference vulnerability while meeting regulatory and service delivery requirements for mission critical applications.

Vendor independent

Vendor independence for heterogeneous networks to easily operate complex networks with multiple vendors or leased lines.

PTP networks require full on-path HW support

To enable 5G in PTP networks every node must be PTP enabled with Full Timing Support which can lead to costly upgrades and even replacement of existing network equipment.


How we can help

We offer accurate time synchronization for 5G mobile networks over existing IP infrastructure. Combining cutting-edge technology and decades of proven expertise, Net Insight’s Precision TimeNet (PTN) solution provides distribution of absolute time with high accuracy for PTP profiles in telecom applications.

Accelerate national 5G roll-outs

You gain the ability to deploy over existing core and aggregation networks including leased lines which significantly reduces rollout time and cost to rural and regional areas as no forklift upgrades are required.

Independent of underlying infrastructure

PTN is independent of infrastructure and vendors and can be used standalone or as backup/complement to existing sync solutions. Timing is independent of network capacity and network layers​. Core, regional and access separately handled​

Higher security and reliability

By being GNSS/GPS independent,​ PTN is not vulnerable to jamming and spoofing as there is no need for GNSS at each site​ for the solution


Precision TimeNet in 5G networks


Open and disaggregated:​ Ability to deploy over existing core and aggregation networks including leased lines. Timing is independent of network vendors, network capacity and network layers​.


Proven interoperability: Precision TimeNet could be used as Primary or Complimentary synchronization with proven interoperability with base stations and routers from Nokia, Ericsson, Cisco, ZTE and Huawei. Full PTP functionality developed together with Meinberg.


GNSS independent​: GNSS solutions are inherently vulnerable to jamming and spoofing. Regulators, like the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) begins to require a GNSS independent solution in the 5G networks.


Ensures better uptime of critical 5G services: Enhanced multilink and redundancy options improves stability and redundancy in the synchronization network.


High reliability and stability: The base technology has been used for GPS-independent time synchronization in 20 national digital TV networks since 10 years and Net Insight holds 9 patent families related to synchronization in IP and 5G networks.

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Selected by Europe’s biggest telecom operators

Three Sweden

Europe – Mobile operator

Three Sweden (‘Three’) has selected Net Insight for synchronizing its 5G network. The companies have worked in close cooperation and after extensive field evaluation of Net Insight’s 5G time sync solution, Three has placed an initial order for Nimbra Time Nodes.

“Net Insight’s solution offers unique advantages as an alternative to GPS synchronization thereby creating redundancy and securing the availability of our 5G network.”


CTO of Three

Türk Telekom

Europe – Mobile operator

In a collaborative effort between pioneering telecom operator Türk Telekom and synchronization expert Net Insight, they are revolutionizing 5G networks by developing and rolling out the world’s first GNSS independent overlay synchronization solution. Net Insight will develop the product on the foundation of the company’s core technology, competencies, and experience in time synchronization, and combined with Türk Telekom’s expertise and technology adapt it for 5G and future synchronization requirements.

“We see considerable market potential for this innovative solution which will reduce costs and speed up the roll-out of 5G for mobile operators globally”


CEO of Türk Telekom

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