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JavaScript SDK Developer

Sye from Net Insight is a streaming solution that offers everything live TV has plus everything it wants. Join the movement to unleash live streaming. At Net Insight, we want to create the media experience of the future, centered on content.

We are looking for a JavaScript Developer with a creative mindset and an entrepreneurial drive who can help us grow our Live-OTT business.


You will be joining an experienced department of developers, architects and testers who are experts within video, network and distributed systems.

The Client team is responsible for development and delivery of the Sye SDKs that our customer use for developing their Sye streaming applications on different platforms (Android, iOS and web). As a JavaScript developer you will join our Client team and take responsibility for the JavaScript SDK used to develop streaming clients for web browsers. The responsibility also includes developing reference and demo implementations, set up automated tests for different Browsers, assisting customers in their integrations, etc.


  • Relevant higher education with software development focus.
  • A couple of years experience of developing and maintaining web based applications, frameworks and/or SDK:s.
  • Very good knowledge of JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Experience in web design for video streaming applications
  • Experience in the Media Source Extensions (MSE) JavaScript API
  • Familiar with RTCPeerConnection, RTCDataChannel and/or WebRTC in general is a bonus.
  • Cross platform Browser compatibility testing/testing frameworks.
  • Our shared client platform library is developed in C++ and converted into JS using EMscripten. It is then also a bonus to have knowledge or experience with C++.

To be successful in this position we believe that you are results-oriented, business minded and a strong team player.

Do you have what it takes to join us?


You are welcome to e-mail your application to with the subject headline, “JavaScript SDK Developer”. We will review applications ongoing, therefore send your application as soon as possible.

If you have any questions please contact Anna-Karin Berry,


Traditional live streaming is still struggling with drift, lack of sync, video quality and limited scalability. As a result, a truly engaging, TV-like experience is impossible, disconnecting viewers and content.

Sye has solved these challenges and unlocked the real potential of live streaming, offering ultra-low latency, perfect sync, global scalability, and high video quality – everything live TV has plus everything it wants. Join the movement to unleash live streaming – Sye is already doing it for hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Sye is a streaming solution that can be deployed in the cloud, in virtualized environments or on bare metal, made for distributed streaming of live and linear content.


Net Insight’s vision is to enable a live and interactive media experience for anyone on earth. Our aim is to lead progress and enable a global media marketplace where live content can be exchanged and interaction among TV audiences can take place in real-time. We want to create the media experience of the future, centered on content.

Net Insight delivers products, software and services for effective, high-quality media transport, coupled with the effective management of resources, all, which creates an enhanced TV experience. Net Insight’s offerings span across the entire media spectrum, starting from TV cameras and TV studios, right through to TV consumers. Our solutions benefit network operators, and TV and production companies, by lowering total cost of ownership, improving their workflow efficiencies and providing them with the ability to capture new business opportunities.

More than 500 world-class customers run mission critical media services using Net Insight’s solutions, covering more than 60 countries worldwide. Net Insight is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.


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