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Working at Net Insight

We are a true global company with colleagues spread all over the world.
We work together with the customer’s perspective in mind.
Do you want to shape the future of media with us?

Open Positions


Our Core Values


Opportunity to learn from skilled colleagues and new fields of expertise.
Opportunity to stretch yourself and grow professionally faster than others.
Opportunity to specialize in the field you have a passion for.
A strong CV and genuine respect.


Opportunity to develop products and services with a global impact.
Your work affects the everyday lives of your friends and family.
An innovative environment sharing insights, ideas and best practice/good examples.

True Partners

Environment with a culture of participatory innovation.
Continuous training and learning; you will be treated like an asset.
Fair pay and a competitive salary.
Openings for team leaders, mentor younger talent or coach managers.

Meet some Net Insight employees

  • JB Adam, Senior Project Manager
    Hollywood, Florida, USA

    “I strive to start every engagement by clarifying my client’s needs and expectations. Whether the project consists of a new system implementation or adding a new product to the client’s existing system, documented requirements and design, a thorough configuration, a tailored user training and regular post-production follow-ups are keys to a successful engagement.”


  • Michele Dwayk, Regional Sales Manager
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    “We provide our customers with true solutions to their problems. Being a true partner means being able to understand the current as well as future plans of a customer, helps them strategize from a technology perspective, and be able to support them in short term and as well as long term plans.”



  • Anders Cedronius, Developer
    Stockholm, Sweden

    “The TV consumption of the future will be fragmented. Some platforms and content will be suited to traditional passive consumer patterns, while others will be suited to more active consumption. The products of the future will need to address both kinds without doubling production costs. Net Insight realizes this through cost efficient and innovative solutions.”


  • Alexander Sandström, Strategic Product Manager
    Stockholm, Sweden

    “Being a visionary means being able to look ahead – being able to paint a picture of where the world is heading and helping others  to understand how they will be affected by future changes.”

  • Natasha Peters, Global Training Manager
    Stockholm, Sweden

    “I believe our customers value our collective expertise as a means to improve their own business processes and outcome. Our experience in the broadcast industry, as well as other technology industries, gives us a uniquely innovative approach to the future development of their respective businesses.”


  • Soon Ann Neo, Technical Sales Support

    “Our partnership with the top tier operator TATA Communications is a close-knit bond. We have built a truly world class media network together. Our partnership is built on trust, trans- parency and unspoken faith with one another on all aspects.”


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