Nimbra Edge - Elastic Cloud-based Live Media Transport

Where we're going

Our vision is to enable a live and interactive media experience for anyone on Earth. We want to lead a revolution in real time. Letting people engage with media and one another in perfect synchrony. Creating a global media marketplace, where live content is exchanged in real time, and great content is rewarded every time.

What we do

Net Insight increases the efficiency of TV production – right the way from TV camera to studio and beyond, and ensures a truly interactive viewer experience.

We enable content owners and broadcasters to activate their audiences with:

  • Quality-of-experience worth paying for
  • Live and local content that’s part of their world
  • Interactive experiences they want to be part of

For network service providers, we make it possible to deliver the quality of service to meet even the highest demands. We also provide new ways of monetizing and optimizing networks.

Doing more with less is a key benefit of our solutions. By simplifying workflows and network complexities, we help to improve the balance between content value and cost of production. This opens up new opportunities to connect live content to audiences all over the world.

What we offer

Media networks: Our offering is based on the Nimbra platform, which delivers high-quality media transport and is designed for straightforward network operation enabling faster time to market and lower TCO.

Service orchestration: Our offering enables TV broadcasters to order network capacity through a web portal as well as enabling network providers to be in full control of the transmissions.

Workflow efficiency: Our offering supports new ways to produce TV. More TV content can be created at a lower cost and we streamline TV production resources through intelligent scheduling, our ScheduALL portfolio.

To TV Consumers: Our Live OTT services offering, Sye, creates new business opportunities linked to viewer engagement and interaction.

Who we do it for

Our customers are broadcasters, service providers, content owners production and post production companies. These include telecom, satellite, DTT, cable TV, IPTV and OTT operators.

We have over 500 customers in over 60 countries – ask us for a reference.

How we got here

We predicted that the Internet was the future of television way back in 1997. This has guided us ever since.

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