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Combining cutting-edge technology and decades of proven expertise Net Insights Precision TimeNet (PTN) solution provides distribution of absolute time with very high accuracy.

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Shaping the future of synchronization

5G is here and is changing how we communicate, work, and play. The promise of super-fast, low-latency bandwidth is transforming all industries and sectors, opening new use cases and opportunities for innovation. An indispensable network capability for innovation and everyday operations within services such as Telecom Operators, Power utilities, Defense and Finance is the delivery of precise time and frequency synchronization.

Net Insights Precison TimeNet is a GNSS independent time synchronization overlay solution which creates a seamless independent synchronization network layer that scales across the full network. While securing time and phase over existing IP infrastructure the cost-efficient solution is highly reliable as the GNSS independent time synchronization solution is used in 20 national digital TV networks. The overlay technology transports timing with inherent redundancy to handle link and node failures, transport delay variation as well as changes in asymmetries in underlying networks.


Top 3 questions we help you solve

How to meet higher time accuracy requirements in 5G

While 4G is based on Frequency divided (FDD) systems 5G is based on Time Division Duplex (TDD) systems. As a result the time accuracy and phase synchronisation requirements are much higher in 5G networks compared to 4G thus time and phase synchronization is system critical function.

How to achieve efficient 5G roll-outs

You need fast and cost-efficient solution that optimize the use of existing underlying infrastructure network. You want an open and disaggregated synchronization infrastructure which support previous investments and existing heterogenous network of e.g. various vendors or leased lines in the 5G deployment process.

How to protect your network from GNSS vulnerabilities

Conflicts and tense geopolitical situations have made operators aware of the vulnerability of GNSS solutions and that satellite signals are easily jammed or spoofed. Several countries have mandated that all 5G deployments need to be GNSS independent for the operator to receive a license


Precision TimeNet for 5G mobile networks

We offer accurate time synchronization for 5G mobile networks over existing IP infrastructure.

Precision TimeNet for 5G mobile operators

Synchronization is system-critical function in 5G and operators are looking for the best roll out process without comprimizing on quality or reliability. Existing solutions create operational complexity as entire underlying networks might need to be upgraded or heterogenous networks with leased lines build a dependency on vendors.
GNSS/GPS synchronization is commonly used for synchronizing mobile base stations, but operators are increasingly aware of the threat of jamming and spoofing of GNSS signals and national regulators mandate operators to be GNSS/GPS independent. 5G networks will in contrast to most 3G/4G networks be increasingly used for mission critical services including blue light services but also used for autonomuous cars and realtime industry applications (i.e. ultra reliable and low latency communication, uRLLC). Thus the security and reliability is key to mobile operators.


Selected by Europe’s biggest telecom operators

Three Sweden

Europe – Mobile operator

Three Sweden (‘Three’) has selected Net Insight for synchronizing its 5G network. The companies have worked in close cooperation and after extensive field evaluation of Net Insight’s 5G time sync solution, Three has placed an initial order for Nimbra Time Nodes.

“Net Insight’s solution offers unique advantages as an alternative to GPS synchronization thereby creating redundancy and securing the availability of our 5G network.”


CTO of Three

Türk Telekom

Europe – Mobile operator

“We see considerable market potential for this innovative solution which will reduce costs and speed up the roll-out of 5G for mobile operators globally”


CEO of Türk Telekom

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