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October 30, 2018

Monetise your content

With Net Insight’s and Arqiva’s powerful internet contribution offering

Television is about content. And content must be monetised. The digital revolution has created many new ways to consume content and that’s expanded the possibilities of generating revenue from it. Arqiva enables rights holders and broadcasters to achieve maximum eyeballs to generate maximum revenue. It really is as simple as that.

The biggest change in the TV business is the speed with which new channels can be made available to viewers in multiple markets via multiple delivery mechanisms: from digital terrestrial and satellite to fiber and IP. Never has so much great content been available to both mass and niche audiences.

Net Insight technology enables Arqiva services in close partnership

Net Insight is working closely with Arqiva to get that content out there in the best quality to match the ambitions and objectives of both rights holders and broadcasters.

Our internet contribution platform, the Nimbra VA series, is the foundation on which Arqiva has built their internet contribution and cloud-based channel services.

We have created a collection of real-life examples to illustrate this.



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