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September 11, 2018

The future in action – White paper

Gearhouse Broadcast’s Inspirational Remote Live Production for Seven Network

Gearhouse Broadcast is a global market leader in broadcast services, specialising in Event Communications, Equipment Rental, Outside Broadcast, Project Solutions and Systems Integration.

For Seven Network’s coverage of the Australian Open, Gearhouse provided a turn-key remote production solution including the remote broadcast facility, network connectivity and operational crews to Seven Network. Seven Network is the Australian rights holding broadcaster for Australian Open Tennis.

Gearhouse Broadcast used Net Insight’s Remote Production 2.0 solution

To reduce costs as well as minimize the equipment and crew on the venue site. Net Insight’s Nimbra MSR switches were chosen by Gearhouse Broadcast to transport all video, audio and data signals.




More than 80 JPEG2000 compressed video, 200 audio channels transported over MADI and eight separate data networks for the customer’s IT were transported over the Nimbra network.


This Gearhouse Broadcast remote production project will set the benchmark for other future remote production projects inspiring opportunities for other companies and sporting federations.

The project was recognized by a Content + Technology Award during ABE 2018 for the excellent work at Australian Open 2018.
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