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August 27, 2018

Net Insight moves into new offices in Stockholm and Florida as part of cultural transformation

Net Insight has moved into new offices in Florida and Stockholm. The relocation is an important part of the cultural transformation the company has undergone over the past three years following the acquisition of ScheduALL.

Net Insight_2

The premises have been designed and renovated in close partnership between the landlord Fabege, architects Studio Stockholm and Net Insight. The new offices provide a more modern, pleasant and efficient workplace, but are also a key element in the company’s change process.

“This is an important part of our internal cultural journey, where we’re moving to becoming an international company focused on our customers and markets from being a product-oriented company. We’re now moving into modern and sustainable workplaces designed for easy meetings, collaborations and wellbeing, and that accurately reflect our company and brand. The fact that our Stockholm office is one of the most energy-efficient in Sweden is particularly pleasing,” commented Henrik Sund, interim CEO at Net Insight.

“The challenge taken up by Studio Stockholm Arkitektur was to proceed from Net Insight’s far-reaching cultural transformation and facilitate new working methods in the new premises. The concept has been inspired by TV studios and camera angles that clearly reflect a range of studio environments, creating exciting meetings between different materials, light and color,” commented Andreas Beijer, Interior Architect at Studio Stockholm Arkitektur.

The work on the new offices began in 2014, and has involved most members of staff in one way or another. The London offices will also be refurbished later in the year.

Focus on sustainability

The work of moving the head office in Stockholm has been a lengthy and complex journey. As well as creating offices and workplaces for 150 people, a large number of data centers and technical equipment also needed to be accommodated. Given the high power consumption required to cool this equipment, it was important to ensure that the new offices were energy-efficient with low power consumption. The solution was to use a free cooling system where the relatively cold outdoor temperature is used to cool the data centers for most of the year. It’s only necessary to supplement the free cooling system with district cooling to maintain the right temperature during the summer months. During the winter, heat from the data centers is recycled via the district cooling system and is used by the landlord as surplus heat. This reduces environmental impact as well as costs, and the free cooling system is expected to have paid for itself within around 3 years.

The office has been awarded ‘Very good’ environmental classification according to BREEAM-SE. This is an ambitious international standard with high demands on power consumption, indoor climate, water and waste management, as well as project management, the location of buildings in relation to public transport, choice of building materials and the emissions a building may give rise to.

Office lighting is 100% provided by LED light bulbs, which reduces power consumption by 90%. All toilets are low-flush, and sustainable materials have been used wherever possible.

An efficient office landscape

The office environment consists of open office landscapes where all functions are located in a shared space. Our staff appreciate that everyone is allocated an individual desk, rather than working purely on the basis of efficiency parameters.

“The offices are being built focusing on efficiency and collaboration, with semi-open clusters that create a dynamic environment for collaborative processes and concentration alike,” Henrik Sund concluded.



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