Nimbra Edge - Elastic Cloud-based Live Media Transport
June 4, 2018

Live contribution over the Internet – Webinar on-demand


Reach further and reduce transmission costs using internet contribution from Arqiva and Net Insight

Internet contribution is now embraced as a true alternative to dedicated fibre and satellite transmission. Benefits such as lower cost, higher quality and extended reach are now understood by most in the industry. In this webinar we will answer a number of questions that still remain, including:

  • When is internet contribution suitable compared to the alternatives?
  • What quality can you expect?
  • How mature are the available solutions?
  • What are the real savings compared to fibre and satellite?
  • What other benefits does internet contribution bring to the table?

Our insights are based on years of experience, having jointly developed a fully managed contribution service over the internet, helping broadcasters both reach further and reduce transmission costs.


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