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June 16, 2017

Net Insight’s STCC Live app puts a live TV experience in the palm of your hands

You are invited to experience STCC via the STCC Live app – A real live TV experience


The STCC race on 17 June will be the first real opportunity for motor enthusiasts and others to experience live-TV using Net Insight’s Live OTT solution – Sye. It will be the first time ever where the audience will be able to follow a race in real-time, via the STCC Live app. Viewers will be able to access exclusive extras to complement the race – follow your favorite driver, join the crew in the pit-stop and listen to exciting guest speakers and influencers.

The unique synchronization and the ultra-low delay between the live experience compared to the live-stream is hard to imagine and should be experienced to fully understand the potential.

Net Insight together with STCC invites everyone to get a first-hand look on what is the future of television, where expanded and extended functionality will be of great importance for how next-generation live events will be consumed. We hope you will join us!

Download it at the App Store for iPhone or iPad (only available in Sweden on IOS)

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