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October 18, 2016

A Standards-based Approach to Media Networks

How MEF is Addressing the ‘Third Network’ Vision

Alexander Sandström,  strategic product manager at Net Insight, is the author of this article published by TVTechnology.

The fact that IP is now the technology of choice for media networks, from the studio to the wide area, for contribution, acquisition and exchange, is without question. But there is a degree of uncertainty in the industry with regards to what to expect from an IP-based network.

With SDI, we knew exactly what we were getting. With IP and Ethernet it depends on how a network is built. This is where the importance of a standards-based approach comes in. A standards-based approach that is not only about which technologies to use, but also about what the resulting services should look like and how they should perform.

MEF is an organization that is doing just that. They’ve outlined a set of standards for Carrier Ethernet, named CE 2.0, which defines exactly what to expect in terms of quality, characteristics and service behaviors. These standards take Ethernet from a business LAN technology to a carrier-grade technology for wide area networks. The MEF also demands that service providers and equipment vendors alike follow these standards to make sure network users get what they expect.

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