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Facility and Personnel Scheduling/Management

Leverage increased productivity

Rapidly-changing technology, new distribution channels, expensive technology, media diversification and economy are some of the challenges facing the production and post production industries. To leverage increased productivity, teams need to be able to have access to distributed workflow environments, and increase their level of automation.

Project Management

The glue that holds the entire media workflow process together, joining individual bookings and work orders into a single, larger project or reporting unit, and managing the interaction of all of the disparate (and often overlapping) timelines.

Facility Management

The increasingly complex task of administering, managing, scheduling and coordinating all of the rooms, locations, equipment, asset libraries, and other facilities in an organization involved in the delivery of media projects, including coordination of those facilities with bidding, billing and payments.

Media Management

Crucial to today’s challenging environment of disparate platforms and standards for both source content and deliverables. Effective management involves tracking assets, managing sources and locations, monitoring and updating metadata, coordination with MAM systems, and a great deal more.

Staffing and Crewing

The most important (and often the most complex) aspect of the media creation process, the human resources. Managing people most productively results in lower expenses by alerting users to key parameters such as staff and freelance crew availability, employee conflicts and overtime situations.

Budgeting and Financial Analytics

Optimizing profitability requires full visibility of costs and margins across the entire workflow process, from planning and quoting, through operations and final billing and post-operation analysis.

Content Distribution

Particularly challenging in a world of diverse media platforms, expectations of fast turnaround time, and the increased availability of digital delivery options. Tight, automated integration with both transmission and file-based delivery scheduling platforms is no longer a luxury, it’s a crucial element in a successful, profitable media workflow process.


Media project workflows need to facilitate the production of multi-platform content that will go anywhere and be viewed on anything. The complexity of media projects continues to increase, while pressure to do more with fewer resources gets higher.

Our Solution

Net Insight’s solution provides innovative technology for scheduling, tracking and reporting of all mission critical resources. With our solution you will be able to automate workflows, get total control of the project, and do analytics, while at the same time increase operational efficiency. By using our solution, you will be able to deliver both operational mastery and financial control.

Throughout the process of creating, editing and delivering media content, optimum workflow and financial visibility is crucial. Our feature-rich, user-friendly software has provided state-of-the-art technology scheduling, resource management and workflow solutions to the complex media marketplace in over 50 countries around the globe.

The solution is a real-time Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) solution that simplifies the administration of facilities, equipment, asset libraries, personnel scheduling, bidding, billing and payments for the broadcast, media and entertainment industries. The solution, interfaces with production systems such as content servers, air management systems and monitor & control systems. This provides comprehensive end-to-end workflow, cost control and reporting functionality that drives unparalleled business analysis and increased efficiencies.

The user-centric solution and interoperability with back office accounting, human resource and ERP systems are why so many customers worldwide chose our solution to manage their mission critical operation – as well as our intuitive Interface and flexible design that saves administrators time and effort.

The integrated management platform helps companies achieve financial excellence by streamlining labor-intensive business processes such as reporting, accounts receivable, collections and external cost management.

Not only does this help reduce operating costs, it also provides powerful, real-time business insight for executives and line managers. Our solution is the industry leading Enterprise Resource Management and optimization solution the world’s largest satellite bandwidth providers, television broadcasters, cable networks and mobile uplink providers.

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